Chris, Willetton,WA

“Unresolved childhood insecurities and years of emotional trauma led me into a downward spiral of losing my true identity. God sent me a ‘life raft’ in the person of Norma Woodcock. Through her prayerful insight and wisdom, I was led to meet Jesus in prayer. Thus began a journey of inner healing of memories, asking Jesus to heal areas of emotional woundedness, in order to live the full life that Jesus had promised. Spiritual Direction with Norma is sustained with a disciplined daily prayer time with God. I use Norma’s Meditation CDs which are based on St Ignatius of Loyola’s imaginative method of meditation to meet Jesus in the Gospels. This intimate way of praying opens my spiritual ears to hear what Jesus has to say to me. It is a journey of hope, of freedom, of truth, of regaining my true identity. Truth is seeing myself as God sees me, with unconditional love.”