Norma says that it is solely through the Grace of God that her life has been fruitful.

In her own words she describes her torturous beginnings.

“I’ve suffered and lived through extremes of horror as a small child at the hands of an evil satanic cult in India and I carry scars physically, emotionally and psychologically.

I’ve had the help of many people, but particularly, my intimate deep prayer life with God has brought me integration, acceptance and peace and my work to help others comes out of this my story, to help people with whatever level of dysfunction and trauma they have experienced.

This is the fruit that comes out of that suffering.”

My Story

Norma Woodcock

The Centre for Catholic Spiritual Development & Prayer

Founder & Director–Norma Woodcock

Patron–Archbishop Emeritus Barry Hickey

Patron–Monsignor Tim Corcoran

Norma Woodcock is a Public Speaker at State & National level. She is a recognised author & has published numerous articles in Catholic newspapers and magazines throughout Australia. She is a recipient of an award from the Australasian Catholic Press Association for ‘Best Devotional Article Applying Faith to Life.’ A Very highly Commended award given in recognition of excellence. Her area of expertise is Spirituality, specialising in Ignatian Imaginative Meditations on Gospel Scenes, Emotional Healing and Healing of Memories. Her Book, From Fear to Faith, was voted finalist in the Omega Writers Caleb Award for 2011. Foreword Archbishop Emeritus Barry Hickey.


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Archbishop Emeritus Barry Hickey launched Norma’s 3 CDs on Emotional Healing and Healing of Memories in October 2016. During the Blessing of the CDs he addressed the people and said;

“Norma has a special gift born out of her own background, the positives and the negatives. She’s borne a few scars that she brought into her faith and her union with Jesus and found those scars were healed and she was able to contribute, because of those scars, to so many other people. She also seemed to have a way of reading hearts, of sensing that people were carrying scars themselves because of past experiences and she has found a way, through prayer, through closeness to Jesus, through meditation, to bring God’s healing to the hearts of those people.”


What they say

“Over the past 14 years I have had the privilege to attend sessions with Norma and use her Ignatian meditation CDs. She has brought Ignatian practices into the 21st Century making them an incredibly simple and accessible way to pray for people for all ages and walks of life. This approach has been healing and transformational in my life at a head, heart and spirit level.”
Jenni, Perth, WA
"Unresolved childhood insecurities and years of emotional trauma led me into a downward spiral of losing my true identity. God sent me a ‘life raft’ in the person of Norma Woodcock. Through her prayerful insight and wisdom, I was led to meet Jesus in prayer. Thus began a journey of inner healing of memories, asking Jesus to heal areas of emotional woundedness, in order to live the full life that Jesus had promised. Spiritual Direction with Norma is sustained with a disciplined daily prayer time with God. I use Norma’s Meditation CDs which are based on St Ignatius of Loyola’s imaginative method of meditation to meet Jesus in the Gospels. This intimate way of praying opens my spiritual ears to hear what Jesus has to say to me. It is a journey of hope, of freedom, of truth, of regaining my true identity. Truth is seeing myself as God sees me, with unconditional love."
Chris, Willetton,WA
"I was lying in bed with the flu, feeling rather sorry for myself, and finding it difficult to pray, when I remembered the CD of guided gospel meditations by Norma Woodcock….so I put it on the player, closed my eyes and let Norma lead me into the storm on the sea of Galilee, the touching of Jesus’ garment by the woman with the hemorrhage, and the Fathers welcome to the prodigal son. It worked. I was “in touch” again……in my imagination I was right there with Peter and the woman and the prodigal doing what they were doing. It was not long before the actual historical event was allowed to fade from my mind, and I found myself in the mystery of Jesus’ presence here and now…..Norma doesn’t simply talk about prayer, but leads us right into the heart of it."
Father John Prendiville S.J.
“When people seek meditation and spirituality, sometimes they find a shallowness. Norma Woodcock brings us the simplicity and richness of some of our ways of praying that have been tried and tested over the centuries. Having used Norma’s CD for my own prayer I can confidently recommend it….Where better can we come to know Jesus than in the gospels? Norma uses central gospel scenes and themes……A very important element of the Ignatian prayer is the use of imagination…….For me the beauty of Norma’s guided meditations is that she skillfully and fruitfully engages our imaginations in prayer. I believe that this CD will help people develop a deeper prayer-life. This in turn will [as it did for Ignatius and countless others] affect our lives and the way we spread the “Good News”
Bishop Justin Bianchini, Geraldton, WA
"It is with God’s power, through Norma’s Spiritual Direction and imaginative meditation my life has turned from one of self-destruction to a life worthwhile that is filled with God’s love and hope. In consistently using imaginative meditation under Norma’s direction God has renewed and restored many areas in my life."
Julie, Geenwood, WA
"Growing up, I had come to know a punishing God. Norma’s beautiful Ignatian Gospel meditations helped me form a closer relationship with a loving God, and, to begin to receive His love. This helped me to be more confident and to feel more peaceful. During a recent illness, Norma’s spiritual guidance and my own practice of listening to her beautiful Ignatian imaginative Gospel meditations helped me to overcome fears and to move through this difficult time with strength, courage and a positive attitude."
Yolanda, Applecross, WA
“I had an opportunity to listen to the guided meditations on the compact disc that you sent me [Norma]….In Doors to the Sacred I acknowledge the sacramentality of material images [icons, paintings, statues, etc.] through which we come into contact with the divine and the transcendent, your work shows me clearly that mental images can also have a sacramental function inasmuch as they enable us to experience the presence of God, appreciate the work of Christ, receive special graces etc. In this respect, the Ignatian Exercises are sacraments in the broad sense, and your work is very instrumental in bringing these sacraments to others.”
Dr Joseph Martos, Spalding University, Kentucky USA
“Among the many presentations by various speakers on the Word of God that I have heard over the years, I have never heard anyone speak like Norma Woodcock. She has a rare ability to bring the Word of God alive in a way that speaks to the (my) heart. She is able to show that He really does have a burning love for each of us and cares deeply for each of us, with a tenderness that melts the heart. God is there for you too, gently inviting you to follow His lead. I strongly recommend that you take the opportunity to listen to Norma Woodcock.”
Richard, Booragoon, WA
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