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  • Hope and Healing CD


    Hope in God has transformative power. Norma teaches on why we lose Hope in God so easily and how to become more hope-filled people, living transformed fulfilling lives.

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  • The Love Beyond All Loving CD


    God’s Love heals and restores body, mind and spirit. Norma shares out of her own personal experience of learning to open to God’s love and teaches on how this amazing love is there for everyone.

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  • Imaginative Meditations for Healing of Memories


    To be changed, memories have to be conscious and become the focus of our conscious attention.

    Enveloped in the latest neuroscientific research on how negative memories can be changed, Norma Woodcock leads the listener to imaginatively bring the memories into consciousness where they become plastic enough to actually be changed.

    Meditation 1: “Guilt” [John’s story]

    Meditation 2: “Anger”[Priest’s story]

    Meditation 3: “Powerlessness” [Norma’s story]

    Meditation 4: “Fear” [Shirley’s story]

    Authors referred to in CDs Vol 4, 5 and Healing of Memories

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  • Imaginative Meditations on Gospel Scenes for Emotional Healing Vol 4


    Our imagination can be the gateway to the unconscious and to deep feelings.

    Enveloped in the latest neuroscientific research, Norma Woodcock leads the listener into an intimate encounter with Jesus Christ in Gospel Scenes to help facilitate expression and resolution of trapped emotions and thus rewire the brain.

    Meditation 1: The Calming of the Storm

    “What are you afraid of or anxious about?”

    Meditation 2: The Prodigal Son

    “Have you forgiven yourself?”

    Meditation 3: The Adulterous Woman

    “Who are you stoning?”

    Authors referred to in CDs Vol 4, 5 and Healing of Memories

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  • Imaginative Meditations on Gospel Scenes for Emotional Healing Vol 5


    This CD is suitable for all ages–from 9 to 90 years of age.

    Our imagination can be the gateway to the unconscious and to deep feelings.

    We can change our brain anatomy simply by using our imaginations.

    Meditation 1: Christ Walks on the Water

    “We all get frightened sometimes”

    Meditation 2: Jesus Washes His Disciples Feet

    “Jesus Loves You”

    Meditation 3: Crucifixion Scene

    “Jesus wants us to give him our problems”

    Meditation 4: The Empty Tomb

    “Jesus is with you always”

    Authors referred to in CDs Vol 4, 5 and Healing of Memories

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  • Gospel Meditations CD (Vol 3)


    “In these meditations we are reliving the Gospel Scenes with Jesus so that we may become more aware of His presence with us now. I warmly recommend this Meditation CD.” Fr John Prendiville SJ.


    Meditation 1: THE FIRST FOUR DISCIPLES ARE CALLED– We are called to follow Jesus in ever deeper ways. Experience His personal call to you.

    Meditation 2: Jesus Washes His Disciples Feet– Allow Jesus to wash your feet in this meditation and experience His healing love.

    Meditation 3: The Empty Tomb and the Appearance to Mary of Magdala — Be empowered by this encounter with the risen Jesus in this Gospel Scene.

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  • Jesus Meditations CD (Vol 2)


    Meditation 1: Walk beside Jesus through His Passion & Death

    Meditation 2: His Resurrection – Encounter the risen Lord in His resurrection appearance on the shore of Tiberias.

    Meditation 3: The Coming of His Holy Spirit – The Pentecost scene of Acts 2

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  • Meditations CD (Vol 1)


    “This CD provides a highly effective means of connecting with Jesus. As I imagine Him present in the Gospel scene of long ago, I become more aware of His presence with me now.” Fr John Prendiville SJ.



    Meditation 1: Jesus walks on the water & with Him Peter — Allow Jesus to transform your fear into faith.

    Meditation 2: The Prodigal Son — Experience the unconditional love of the Father and the peace that He gives.

    Meditation 3: The Woman with the Haemorrhage — Power flows from Jesus when we reach out to Him.

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  • Children’s Meditations CD



    “What a great gift to Children. This CD teaches them something valuable that will last a lifetime – to be still and imagine Jesus before them, thus enabling Him to draw them into His living presence.” Fr John Prendiville SJ.

    An Activity for each Meditation on Children’s CD
    Highly beneficial


    3 THEMES

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  • Peace at Any Cost CD


    Teaching by Norma Woodcock. A must for those who want peace. Contains valuable insights and powerful strategies for busy people. Jesus said “My own peace I give you.” (John 14:27)

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  • The Ball of Love


    A modern parable about God’s unconditional love. It reminds us of the constant presence of God in our lives if we allow it, if we keep the ball bouncing.

    A beautiful idea for young children and for some children that are not so young.”

    – Bishop Healy

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  • Activity Book


    Activity Book with reproducible pages to accompany the Children’s Meditation CD.

    The activities are designed to draw forth a heart level response to the meditations.

    Each Meditation on the Children’s Meditation CD has an activity to do in the Activity Book.

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    Norma was born in India into a world of conflict and confusion. She migrated to Australia at the age of five and faced years of prejudice and fear in a new land, bringing with her all the scars of a tortured childhood. Escaping into marriage, searching for happiness, Norma soon discovered that the only way to find real joy was to search for the faith deep within. From Fear to Faith is one woman’s journey. It is a story that resonates with many people today struggling with fear, life, loss and healing.

    “Norma’s truly heroic struggle is an unusual blend of autobiography and lessons on living well. A genuine work of Christian love.” 

    Sr. Margaret Mary O.C.D. Prioress Carmelite Monastery Nedlands, Western Australia

    “The quest for the divine is at the heart of this self – revealing account of Norma Woodcock’s journey to healing, peace and deep communion with God.” 

    Archbishop Barry J Hickey Archbishop of Perth

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